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Elstree Helicopters is the ONLY CAA approved training organisation for Helicopters ATO(H) based at London Elstree Aerodrome. Established here in 2012, our unique, family run helicopter flying school has been delivering FIRST CLASS, accessible PPL(H)/LAPL(H) training for ALL since 1999.

Our highly skilled team of flight instructors offer bespoke tuition in a friendly, training focused environment and are dedicated to producing safe, competent pilots with a depth of knowledge that’s second to none. We also boast an impressive, well maintained fleet, so are well equipped to find the perfect helicopter for you, for your PPL and beyond.

In addition, we also provide FREE ground school, student trips, fantastic training and self fly hire packages plus an open invitation to be a part of our flying family. Whether your dream is to become a commercial pilot or simply fly for pleasure there is no better place to begin your flying journey.

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Introducing Capt. Paul White
With 25 years of experience and over 8000 instructional hours, Capt. White is both our Company Founder and Head of Training. Fulfilling a childhood dream, Capt. White started his flying journey in 1997 and has since devoted the majority of his flying career to teaching. Previously operating as Heliservices out of Cranfield, in 2012 Capt. White and his wife moved the flying school to London Elstree and Elstree Helicopters was born!
“No two students are the same and everyone learns in different ways and speeds so we aim to find out what makes our students tick and tailor their training accordingly” – Capt. Paul White
You can find out all about Capt. White’s flying journey in his blog series

test drive a turbine

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Let temptation get the better of you

The Bell 206 is a two-bladed, single engine and the archetypal helicopter. Originally developed for the United States Army in 1962, this light utility aircraft is rugged and reliable. Although not called up for service, the B206 or Jet Ranger shifted into the private/commercial market due to its luxurious ride and fabulous safety record. The 60s produced many national treasures (The Beatles, the mini cooper, Julie Andrews) and the Jet Ranger is no exception and as seen on screen this 5 seater rotorcraft is synonymous with style and even today remains the world’s most popular turbine helicopter.

“Fully loaded as standard, you really do get a lot of helicopter for your money. It’s great for training and a fun, capable machine for private owners as it’s sedate qualities mean you don’t necessarily need to have quite the lightning reactions of a pilot that flies daily.” – Capt. White

student trips

Our Summer Trip Collection

We have now finalised dates and destinations for Spring/ Summer 2024. As we enter the warmer months and the weather is less changeable it’s the perfect time to bring back some of our favourite trips to find out more please head to our event page. These are great practice for a variety of piloting skills for students currently training and for PPL holders a fantastic opportunity to get out and about. Fly outs are extremely popular so book your ‘seat’ asap!

beyond PPL

Richard N and PW in R44

So now you’ve passed your PPL, what’s next?

Well the sky is the limit! Some of our students continue on to commercials or perhaps think about adding a type rating to their flying portfolio. Others opt for advanced skills training; London Heli Lanes, confined area, flying over water etc. or simply fly for pleasure with frequent flyers signing up to ‘Club Elstree’ for a cost effective way to self fly hire. A few students have even gone on to purchase their own aircraft, a process which we can assist with and potentially even operate for you should you wish to.

Whatever you choose to do after your PPL we are here to train, advise and guide through your PPL and beyond!

ground school

Ground School is now hybrid

We now offer our FREE monthly ground school group session both in person at the flying school and via ZOOM in our virtual crew room.  This re-imagined ground school, born out of necessity due to COVID-19 has become popular for those who are unable to make it to the flying school. Don’t forget for more bespoke sessions ground school is available One-to-One with an instructor. Tag on to an existing booking or make use of those bad weather days.

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